IPS Services

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The IPS Program is dedicated to working on the behalf of employers and employees to ensure that diversity is incorporated into the workforce in a way that is beneficial to all parties to ensure a more successful work environment.

Evidence Based Principles

• Eligibility is based on Personal Choice.
• Follow along support is continuous.
• Competitive Employment is the Goal.
• Job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working.
• Personal preference is important.

Personalized Benefits Planning

Benefits planning and guidance help persons served make informed decisions about job starts and changes.Work Candidates will receive ongoing support from employment specialist to help ensure employee and employer satisfaction.


Our philosophy is that all people who want to work can work and achieve competitive employment.

Guiding Principles

Zero Exclusion: All persons with disabilities can work and no one should be excluded from the opportunity to work.
Competitive Employment: Emphasis is on helping Work Candidates secure and maintain competitive employment.
Rapid Job Search: The process of looking for work begins as soon as a Work Candidate expresses interest in desire to work.
Time Unlimited Follow Along Support: Each Work Candidate is provided continuous time unlimited support through all stages of employment for as along as needed and/or desired.
Attention to Work Candidate’s Preferences: Careful attention to the Work Candidate’s preferences & strengths provides best starting points for creating good employee.

Employer Benefits

Qualified Work Candidates are matched with employers. Work Candidates are prescreened for jobs according to his/her skills and interests. Employment Specialist/Job Coach provides continuous support to employers and employees. Tax Credits are available for hiring Work Candidates in the IPS Program.