Adult Programs and Services

Santee-Wateree Community Mental Health Center offers an array of adult programs and services in Sumter , Lee , Kershaw and Clarendon County. Assessments, counseling, crisis intervention, case management, living skills, psychosocial services, medication management and after hours emergency care are all available to service your needs. See what we have to offer!

Our staff is trained in and sensitive to the needs of our older citizens. Our staff psychiatrist oversees all client services. We work closely with each person’s personal physician and other community and support agencies to ensure the highest quality of care. We work with the "whole person", not just a piece of the puzzle. Some of the services we provide include: Problem assessment, to include full psychological and cognitive assessment, psychiatric assessment for treatment planning, medication intervention & management, and medical referral as needed, Individual, family & group counseling, medication monitoring by nurses and case management, to assist the client in accessing both mental health and appropriate health and social services.
Our Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Program is CARF accredited and assists people with severe mental illness find competitive community employment. We provide ongoing individualized services with a focus on employment. Services include personalized counseling to understand how work may affect an individual’s benefits, ongoing treatment to help individuals manage medications, symptoms and other behavioral health needs. It is the goal of the program to help individuals succeed on the job and advance professionally. In order to do this, we educate employers, consumers, family members, and other stakeholders. We advocate for consumers.
Our program follows an evidenced based practice that serves as a roadmap for exemplary program implementation. Eligibility is based on choice and our services are open to anyone who wants to work and has an open case with one our mental health centers in Sumter, Lee, Kershaw and Clarendon Counties. Individuals are not excluded based on symptoms, recent hospitalization, criminal history, or work readiness criteria. Job searches are based on individual preferences, strengths, and work experience and not on preselected or sheltered jobs. Our partnership with integrated teams enhance our ability to provide quality individualized employment services. Referrals to the IPS Program can be made by prescribers or any professional mental health staff.
The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PRS) works to assist individuals living with mental illness to reach a higher level of independence. Treatment is person‐centered and aligns with an individual's goals for recovery. The program is for adults with serious and persistent mental illness 18 years old or older. Services are provided onsite and offsite by trained professionals. Rehabilitation is provided through individualized meetings, educational groups, and organized social activities. For each client, individualized rehabilitation is provided in the environment of need as indicated by ongoing assessments.
Rehabilitative activities include but are not limited to individual sessions, psycho-educational groups and family groups as appropriate. Skill building incorporated in the PRP include: Self-care skills (i.e., hygiene, grooming, dietary planning, food preparation, age-appropriate involvement with self-administration of medication); Social skills (i.e., conflict resolution training, improved peer interactions, anger management, improved interactions with authority figures, assertiveness training, assessing risks in social environments); Independent living skills (i.e., maintaining personal living space, community awareness, money management, housekeeping, the importance of punctuality, task analyses, completion of chores, staying safe while in the community, education on age-appropriate meal preparation, doing laundry); Leisure and recreational activities (i.e., development of healthy leisure activities, use of leisure to develop teamwork and peer support behaviors, promotion of productive and rewarding use of time spent alone). Referrals can be made by any mental health professional.

Our Intensive Community Support program provides flexible rehabilitative services to adults living with a severe and persistent mental illness with or without a co-occurring disorder who are seeking to prevent an unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization or in need of temporary transitional support and stabilization upon leaving an inpatient unit. Services are person-centered to address each person’s unique needs with a focus on the individual’s recovery and ability to succeed in the community to prevent or reduce the need for a higher level of service. Comprehensive assessments are conducted immediately upon referral and admissions occur at the moment the need is identified. Services are flexible and is time-limited. As individuals become ready for discharge they are linked to a lower level of services within the mental health center or within their community.
Services may be delivered in the community or onsite, depending on the clients need. Services include but are not limited to individualized day-to-day assistance with activities of daily living skills, support with housing, finances, employment and accessing essential community resources to enhance the quality of life for persons served. Referrals can be made by the Crisis Program and or any mental health professional.
SWCMHC provides 24-Hour emergency services for those in crisis. Services are provided in person at your location, at the mental health center or over the telephone. This service is available by calling (803)775-9364.
Care coordinators are here to assist patients obtain assistance with medical, dental, social services, housing and other needs. After a comprehensive needs assestment is complteted, care coordinators provide referrals to community agencies/programs that can assist them.
Sometmes it is easier to talk to someone that understands what you are going through. Peer support services are here to fullfill that need. Our Certified Peer Support Specialists use their training and personal experience to help others by providing advice, guidance, insight and support to their recovery. Service can be in a group setting or one-on-one, each providing a different approach to successful recovery.