Sumter County MHC

Photo of Sumter MHC

801 N. Pike West  Sumter, SC 29153

Executive Director: Jeff Ham

Medical Director: Dr. Marian D. Dehlinger

Clinic Director: Lynn Melton

Photo Of Lynn Melton

Lynn grew up in a rural area of Sumter County. She attended Columbia College where she majored in Social Work. She had her first experience with the SC Department of Mental Health in 1984 and 1985 as an intern at the Crafts-Farrow State Hospital. After her graduation, the internship led to a job offer for a social worker position at Crafts-Farrow. She laughs as she says this is where her adventures started. "Where else can you work and every day is a new adventure"! In 1986, while working at Crafts Farrow State Hospital, she decided to further her education by returning to graduate school at the University of South Carolina where she received her MSW Degree. (more)